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Fury Super Performance Diesel Oil

FURY SUPER PERFORMANCE DIESEL OIL is monograde, versatile mixed fleet engine oil; it is primarily intended for diesel crankcase but can also be used for gasoline engines. It can be used in turbo charged and naturally aspirated diesel and gasoline engine like long haul trucks, light vans and passenger cars, which are operating unde rmoderate to severe conditions. It also meets the transmission oil requirements of few off-highway applications.

FURY SUPER PERFORMANCE Diesel oil is formulated using highly refined base stocks and an advanced chemical additive system, which is characterised by

• Excellent engine wear protection & cleanliness level under severe operating conditions.
• Prevents high temperature deposit formations.
• Excellent protection against low temperature sludge formation
• Protects against rust & corrosion.

FURY SUPER PERFOMANCE Diesel oil meets or exceeds following specifications:

• MIL-L-2104D
• MIL-L-46152D
• ACEA E1-96 Issue 2
• MAN 270
FURY SUPER PERFOMANCE Diesel oil is best suited for mixed fleets of cars and trucks.

FURY SUPER PERFORMANCE Diesel Oil is also suitable for Marine Engines requiring API CF oil or detergent oil of MIL-L-2104 D level.

FURY SUPER PERFORMANCE Diesel Engine Oil is produced in following monogrades SAE 40, & SAE 50
Typical Characteristics

SAE Grade

40 50

Density @ 15°C, g/cm3

0.8892 0.8998

Flash Point, (COC) °C

260  268

Pour Point, °C

-15 -9

Kinematic Viscosity @40°C, cSt

130.19 188.17
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100ºC, cSt
13.82 17.64

Viscosity Index

102 99


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